Those Are 15 Of The Top Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood


Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig in front of the Brandenburg Gate, which he could probably buy with his Knives Out franchise paycheck.

Thanks to the upward jostle of streaming services, actors’ paychecks aren’t usually as tied to field workplace overall performance as they used to be (which isn’t always viewed as an effective thing).

If you signal a deal to a famous person in a Netflix film, for example, they’ll probably inflate your income to encompass an estimate of what you would’ve pocketed from container workplace earnings had the movie been launched solely in theaters. Because of this trend, actors’ preliminary incomes figures on occasion appear incredibly high.

To illustrate this point, Variety compiled a listing of actors paid the most for a single function in a latest or upcoming movie. In almost all cases, it’s for a single movie, however, there are a couple of exceptions. Netflix is forking over $100 million to Daniel Craig, the first-place finisher, for reprising his function as Detective Benoit Blanc in two sequels to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out (2019). If you break up that in half, he’s technically tied with the runner-up, Dwayne Johnson, whose incomes $50 million for Amazon Studios’ as-yet-unscheduled vacation motion film Red One. And due to the fact that the Netflix thriller The Gray Man may want to come to be a franchise, Ryan Gosling’s $20 million paychecks comprise a bonus in case a sequel materializes.

Two of the many A-listers from Adam McKay’s star-studded dramedy Don’t Look Up, whose teaser trailer simply dropped beforehand this week, made it on the list: Leonardo DiCaprio’s $30 million landed him in fourth place, tied with Spenser Confidential’s Mark Wahlberg; and Jennifer Lawrence is tied with Leave the World Behind’s Julia Roberts, each in the fifth region with $25 million.


See pinnacle 15 below.

1- Daniel Craig ($100 million) // Knives Out sequels (TBD)
2- Dwayne Johnson ($50 million) // Red One (TBD)
3- Will Smith ($40 million) // King Richard (2021)
4- Denzel Washington ($40 million) // The Little Things (2021)
5 -Leonardo DiCaprio ($30 million) // Don’t Look Up (2021)
6- Mark Wahlberg ($30 million) // Spenser Confidential (2020)
7- Jennifer Lawrence ($25 million) // Don’t Look Up (2021)
8- Julia Roberts ($25 million) // Leave the World Behind (TBD)
9 -Sandra Bullock ($20 million) // The Lost City of D (2022)
10- Ryan Gosling ($20 million) // The Gray Man (TBD)
11- Chris Hemsworth ($20 million) // Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)
12- Brad Pitt ($20 million) // Bullet Train (2022)
13- Michael B. Jordan ($15 million) // Without Remorse (2021)
14- Tom Cruise ($13 million) // Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
15- Keanu Reeves ($12-$14 million) // The Matrix Resurrections (2021).


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